Healthy Pumpkin Cookies

The weather has been GETTING TO ME!! 😅

As much as I LOVE fall, the transition of weather has me all sorts of confuzzled (is that a word?? Now it is!). Season Affective Disorder (SAD) is alive and well! But I’m refusing to make it part of my story.

I choose to see love instead of this.

Narra and I managed to make it out to Strongstart (a FREE parent participation preschool program) despite the rain this morning. I was all sorts of proud of our determination to get our bodies moving. We played in the gym, had story time and then got crafty AF and made these cool Halloween crafts 🎃

Narra, who doesn’t typically enjoy “arts and craps” liked these ones! Bonus Points because I didn’t have to prep or clean up the art table 🙌😆

After lunch and TV, Narra and I decided we should do some baking. I looked to my trusted favourite recipe blog for inspiration and found the recipe for these HEALTHY PUMPKIN COOKIES!

Narra was stoked she got to crack an egg and then volunteered happily to put the pecans on top. Such a good fine motor and eye-hand coordination activity!

Omg, they are BOMB!! And the best of all, a serving is TWO COOKIES!!!

None of that ONE cookie BS. Lol.

I’m feeling pretty proud today AND accomplished.

When you have anxiety, big outings and projects like this can be hard to start and FINISH.

So I’m feeling accomplished!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention… I also feel awesome because I got to workout!!! 😍

Major modifications because of the ankle soreness but it’s DONE!! ✅


Proof that you can have anxiety and get Sh!T donnne!!!!

It’s time for me to get dinner started (anyone else having Taco Tuesday today??) but before I sign off, I just want to invite EVERYONE to my next online accountability group!!

It’s all about the FAMILY!!!

Register for the group by RSVPing Going to the Fit for Fall Family Challenge Facebook event and I will set you up with everything you need to get started!!!

We’ll be keeping each other accountable for our physical and mental health while making some tasty treats like these pumpkin cookies!!! 😍 Fun for the whole family!!!

Hope to see you there!!!


The Gains

I’ve been 165lbs many times in my life.

A 165 that was single and starving.

A 165 that was married and idle.

A 165 that was pregnant and stressed.

A 165 that was postpartum and confused like the picture on the left.

A 165 that was gorging on munchies to avoid facing the pain of struggle.

But I think I like the 165 on the right. THIS 165 is my favourite. ❤️

It’s physically strong and mentally resilient.

It carries flats of groceries from Costco and a 30 pound backpack and toddler with ease. It handles career changes and difficult life transitions, not always with ease but with definite PASSION and PERSISTENCE.

It can handle anything that comes it’s way.

I love this 165 for all it is and all that it will be but what I love MOST about this 165 is that it doesn’t CARE what number it is.

It doesn’t let it’s number DEFINE it.

It’s a body. A body that is FINALLY loved for every stretch mark and muscle, extra skin and healthy imperfection it has.

It’s a model of self-love and #selfcare that is focused on GAINING skills to better itself and EMPOWER OTHERS to do the SAME.

My next accountability group starts on October 30th and I want to help as many women work on GAINING everything I have on this journey and what I continue to gain.

Send me an email with the subject GAINS to reserve a limited spot in the group. 💕 Let’s make it about the GAINS together!

Strength through SUPPORT

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” -Brenè Brown

You know when you find a quote that jumps at you, one that just STICKS? And then you find yourself finding it over and over and over again?

It’s everywhere you look. It’s in your books, it’s on the TV, it’s in the songs you listen to and the cover of the magazine in line to checkout of the drugstore. It’s even in the Paw Patrol colouring book your kid was throwing around the room earlier that day.

You see it and then you don’t. Or maybe you do but you’re not ready to receive the message.

But then you open your eyes again and then you DO. You’re ready and willing and able to RECEIVE.

I tell everyone that they don’t have to go at it alone. That it’s okay to need help. And in the beginning, when I was a new mom, I RELUCTANTLY allowed myself to need help. It felt unnatural and quite frankly, I felt WEAK.

It was ME. I was always the one who helped others. I was the one who solved everyone’s problems. So seeking help wasn’t in my MO. The truth is, I really didn’t understand HOW to do it and not feel worthless.

And then I became a Coach. And I felt AMAZING for a long time. But somehow along the way, I decided because I was now a Coach, it meant I was EXEMPT from asking for help.

When in reality, the Coaching philosophy implores you to seek out SOLUTIONS, to LEARN and GROW. It reminds you EVERYDAY to make mistakes and that it’s OK to not know everything. It reminds you to LEAN ON OTHERS when you don’t know the answers.

Our Team’s mission, MY mission, has always been to find STRENGTH through SELF-CARE and.. SUPPORT.

Support. The biggest piece of the puzzle here. The one that connects self-care to me and YOU. Support makes it possible for us to KEEP GOING. It’s what helps us see we aren’t alone in our everyday struggle or our successes. It’s the supportive and loving voices who tell you that you ARE your best self today, even if all you did today was show up and breathe.

It’s the cheers you get for non-scale victories like fitting into that pair of jeans you’ve kept from high school or non-fitness related activities like cleaning out the clothing you no longer need or want.

It’s what gives us a purpose greater than ourselves and our family. It’s UNCONDITIONAL love and support from a COMMUNITY. One that I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.

One that, even though I find myself a LEADER of, one that I am realizing I don’t always need to solve problems for.

Sometimes just being there is ENOUGH. Sometimes being a part of the group and giving what you can, just so others aren’t alone, just so YOU aren’t alone, is enough to make a world of difference.

The jig is up. 😉 I don’t know all the answers. So I can’t give them to you. I am sometimes weak and I am also many kind of imperfect.

But I do have one thing I am sure of…

And that’s that I will be there beside you when you reach out for help. I won’t have all the answers nor will I be there to solve all your problems. It won’t serve you or I.

Instead, I will empower you to find what you NEED. I will coach you to see that you are WORTHY of what you want. I will be there to connect you to the tools that I find are working for me and so many others with our physical and mental health, that they might help you too.

And I WILL be there to tell you that you will kick all sorts of ass in this lifetime and the next.

Because you are STRONG.

Strong enough to reach out for support. And strong enough to TAKE IT.

Credit: Reannan Ross Photography<


Please reach out:

Back to Gratitude

Yesterday, we celebrated Narra’s 3rd birthday. What a whirlwind of events for our little bug. There is more to come this weekend.

But with all BIG events, come the TEARS. Yup. Tears. By her. By ME.

Yesterday, Narra had a BIG meltdown. Perhaps it was the energy in the air, or what she fed off with me. But it was a big one. I am glad Kay and Al, my in-laws who are visiting from Vancouver Island for Narra’s birthday weekend, arrived when they did.

They practically arrived just as the last few tears were shed by both Narra and I. When I heard the doorbell ring and opened the door to see Kay’s smiling face, I flung myself into her arms and sobbed.

It seems I am a ball of emotions with everything that is going on right now and it’s very difficult for me to share this.

I am struggling right now.

Struggling with that pursuit of BALANCE.

Since my transition to a work-at-home mom, I have been finding it difficult to find that balance.

Being a stay-at-home mom is hard. Making sure you are MOM, being present for the care of your child is hard enough, then you add in the very necessary time to be a WIFE. And somehow you add in COACH, that time to be YOU, to that mix. Sending out those messages and inviting people to share in your journey, one that you are wondering was the right decision.

Again, ahhhh, so struggling to share this right now!!! Like how am I supposed to INVITE people to join me on this journey if, I myself am STRUGGLING??

But then I step back from this stress that I know is oh so very TEMPORARY and I bring myself back to GRATITUDE. I remind myself that before the breakthrough, there is a BREAKDOWN. I look back on everything that I have accomplished and I am thankful.

This time last year, I had a different stress. The stress of wanting to be home with my daughter on her birthday.

This time last year, I held back tears and said goodbye to her in the cold of the morning in our car at 730am as Daddy drove her off to daycare. I told myself that next year it would be different. Next year, I would be there on her birthday ALL DAY, so she wouldn’t have to celebrate with other people who I know loved her, but who didn’t love her only the way her Mama could.

And this time, THIS YEAR, I am here. Even with a meltdown, even with the struggle and the tears, I am HERE.

And if there is one thing I want Narra and to both remember about her childhood, it’s me being THERE, every step of the way.

THAT makes the struggle WORTH IT.



Photo credit: Kate Neale Photography

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

I love adventure. ❤️.

But for the last 2 days I had been TERRIFIED of leaving the house. Of taking Narra outside to play on her bike. Of going to the store to buy food.


It’s totally not me. I love going to places and taking Narra to learn new things. And being out of the house is something I do without hesitation.


But anxiety does that to you. It can turn you into someone you don’t know or recognize. And it can be scary to say the least. To feel like you’re losing who you are, to feel like you’re turning into a person so far from your truth.


Yesterday, I took my own advice.


1. Take the help. Ask for help.

2. Do the thing that scares you most.


With help from my neighbours, who have become more like family, I was able to get out of the house with Narra yesterday and pick blackberries. They also took Narra for an hour so I could get dinner made and spend some one on one time with Eric.


With the help from one of my friends, a fellow life-changer coach on our team, I made it to the PNE last night for a Ladies Night Out! and even went on a couple of rides that would usually scare me.


I’m so grateful right now.


For coaching, which has instilled in me this attitude to take massive action and show myself that I can change my current situation, but also for the many people in my life who support me and give me the courage to DO and be okay with not being okay all the time.


Do you have advice for your “off” days? What do you tell yourself or those you love when they’re not feeling okay?


Let’s support each other. ❤️




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Karaoke = Self-care

No makeup, no hair brush, NO SLEEP. 😉.

I stayed out till 130am SINGING my heart out with some very special ladies. My tribe. My friends who take care of so many and who I’m proud to say took that time to take care of themselves last night. ❤️


It’s hard being a mama, you often come last. Heck, it’s even ENCOURAGED by some.


But imagine a pitcher of water whose responsibility it is to fill the cups of many, imagine when it runs empty. What then? You need to FILL IT. 


Self-care takes many forms. Sometimes it’s a workout, other times it’s a healthy meal.


And sometimes that looks like karaoke with your besties till the wee hours of the morning. 😉


What does #selfcare look like to you? 


I’m a DIY mama. Always have been. 
There’s something about CREATING things that just gives me a HIGH!! 🙌
I’ve been busy making these babies for a certain party in September 👧🏻 and I’m having fun just letting my creativity FLOW.
I’m also an advocate for all genders. I’ve always been that, too. 😉
 We don’t do “boy” colours and “girl” colours in our home. Colours are COLOURS. 🌈 
I know it’s not like this in all homes (and I’m not one to tell ANYONE the right or wrong way to do things and live their lives) but I really believe THIS is something we should all be doing, just like being kind to one another and kind to ourselves.
It’s really important to Eric and I that Narra know that we should all love one another and love ourselves, no matter who we love, what colours we wear or what gender we identify as.

That is why these headbands I’m making aren’t “boy” or “girl” headbands. They are headbands for Narra’s friends. 😊
This is one thing that is so important to talk about with our kids (yes, the earlier, the better!), not just this #prideweek, but ALL weeks of all the year.
What is everyone doing to celebrate Pride?
Let me know if there are some events in the city we should be going to with Narra!