Last Week’s Meal Prep

So this is a week late but better late than never right? 😬
NUTRITION. Oh boy, it’s a tricky one (when you’re just beginning). Because I’m a diabetic, I have fortunately been able to go to diabetic and healthy heart trainings. At these trainings, they go through the basics of how to eat healthy food, count carbohydrates and test your blood sugar to see how it is affecting your body. I have also had the opportunity to learn from and consult with a team of dietitians for many years of my diabetic life. Not everyone has access to these groups and a registered dietitian, which is such a shame. 
So when I opened up my 21 Day Fix eating plan that came with my Challenge Pack and looked through the book and held the containers in my hands, I was pleasantly surprised to find the containers followed what I had been taught by those dietitians, nurses and doctors all those years. The eating plan is based on clean eating principles but taking those to the next level with portion control, which is where I personally have the toughest time.
It has made staying true to my nutrition goals so much easier. And it has made meal planning more fun too!

My meal plan last week.I like colours! I’m also still a pen and paper girl when it comes to planning 😉
This is just a sample of what I eat in a week. I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind eating the same thing everyday. dinner is different everyday because Eric likes his variety for dinner. That’s also the lovely part about the containers, I can easily just portion out whatever we are eating that night. BOOM! It’s a meal that’s ready for me and 21 Day Fix Approved. ❤️

Dinner planning for the week!

Do I ALWAYS follow this plan to a T? No! But it’s always a good thing to have it.

Okay.. Narra will be up from her nap soon so I gotta jet! 😘
Recipe of the Turkey Patties to follow!! 😊


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