Building those NESTS – NUTRITION

It is week TWO of our current Challenge and this week we are focusing on the first twig of NESTS building: NUTRITION.



For mothers experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression, or ANYONE struggling with a mental health problem, nutrition can be a confusing world. I remember going through bouts of not wanting to eat, not having time to eat, wanting to eat EVERYTHING, knowing I should eat from all the food groups but instead reaching for a sugary, fast-burning carbohydrate, and struggling to get fluids, like water, in.

“I don’t have enough time to eat or make food for myself! ”

“The baby needs me! I must go to the baby first.”

” I feel too sad/anxious/overwhelmed to eat.”

“I am too sad/anxious/overwhelmed so I will eat EVERYTHING to help me feel better.”

“Did I drink water today? I’m so busy! I don’t even remember!”

Does this sound familiar? The truth is NUTRITION and getting enough of the right kind of food helps to FUEL your body so you can FEEL BETTER and carry on with your daily activities.

For more tips and the rest of the NESTS workbook, vist  Module 3, Part C of the Coping with Depression in Pregnancy and Following the Birth.

Want more tips and daily accountability and motivation? Register for an upcoming Challenge Group! I talk more about nutrition tips, meal planning and of course, give you SUPPORT to keep at it. ❤

Register for my CHALLENGE GROUP



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