Do It For You

“No matter what story you have told yourself about why you don’t deserve kindness or to take the time for yourself, remember that unconditional kindness you give to yourself and to others is in YOU. It’s been in YOU all along.” 
— From the Kindness Package in Headspace (a mindfulness meditation app)
I don’t post about the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT I do everyday, but it is as routine to me as getting my workout in and drinking my shake.
Today’s meditation message, and part of my personal development, focused on making sure you make that time for YOU.
I used to be that person who would ALWAYS put others first. To the point that I would BREAKDOWN.
It meant me saying “Yes” when I really wanted to say “No”. It meant me giving up wants of my own so others could have theirs. It meant that years of going with other people’s flow meant I eventually didn’t even know WHAT I WANTED IN LIFE.
But once I started to focus on ME, everything came together. I am a stronger woman. I am a healthier and happier person. I am a more loving wife. I am a more patient parent.
I know EXACTLY where I am going, how to get there and WHO I want with me.
Focus on YOU, and the rest falls into place.
If you’re ready to make YOU a priority, message me. Let’s chat. My next challenge starts on November 21st!
I want to help you be the best version of YOU. 👭


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