Sunday Confession

Honesty. Such a powerful word and action. It is one of the virtues I hold high above them all. So when I see someone living dishonestly, I have little patience for it. Especially when that person is ME.


I began this journey into health to become a stronger mom, person, woman. INSIDE. This is what I needed and wanted in my life. And that’s what I achieved through these programs and becoming a coach. 


Somewhere along this road, for the past few weeks, I lost my way and when I looked in the mirror I started JUDGING. Not liking myself again. Even though I had made some HUGE changes. Even though I had come a LONG way from the weak, scared, depressed, anxious mother I was before I started these workouts.


I had forgotten my WHY. I had forgotten that although it feels pretty awesome to fit into that old pair of jeans you were supposed to toss out because they were too tight, it really isn’t about all that. It’s not about the abs or the arms or the back muscles society tells you to have.


It’s about what STRENGTH looks like to YOU. It’s about the CONFIDENCE you feel when you tell yourself “I’ve got this!” when you get your next panic attack. It’s about the HAPPINESS you feel when you’re not out of breath when you play with your kids on the playground or climb that familiar hill on a walk you USED TO dread.

THIS is what IT is about.


The rest of this year, continuing into next year, I am going on a detox. A detox of all insecurities and the outer focuses. The end of this year and 2017, will be about a CLEAN SLATE. A clean mind, a powerful mind. And a POWERFUL YOU.


Are you with me?



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