DIY Imperfectly PERFECT Felt Board

Do what you can with what you have. 


After a good 30 years of placing BLAME on everyone and everything for my goals not being met, I have embraced a life of taking RESPONSIBILITY for making my dreams come true.


This includes, but is not limited to the existence of a felt board in our home.


I am a special education assistant when I am not momming or coaching, so the teaching runs STRONG in my soul. 😉


So when Narra expressed interest in the days of the week and wanting to know what activities we had on which days, I made a note in my bullet journal of the page of “things to make for Narra” to get a calendar made for her.


And that list sat there for a couple of months without any action being taken on it.


Recently, in my vital Coaching behaviours and daily personal development training, I was reminded about taking MASSIVE action and RESPONSIBILITY for making my to do list, a DONE list.


I had been putting off making these calendar doo-dad’s because “it wasn’t the right time” or “there’s no money in the budget for a felt board” or “Narra won’t leave me alone for the HOURS I would need to make such a thing”.


And then finally, I said, that’s it! I’m doing something about it! I’m going to use whatever I have laying around the house to make myself a felt board in whatever time I have.


And guess what? I did it. And in a total of 20 minutes too. Including running around the house looking for supplies and tending to a toddler who was vying for my attention but who had just recently had lots of time with her mama reading books.


So here it is! My perfectly imperfect DIY felt Board. 


It’s not professional, but somehow I don’t think Narra is going to care. All she will see is the days of the week and which days her mommy and daddy are going to be at home playing with her. 😉


DIY Felt Board



4 letter size sheets of Felt material (whatever you have laying around)

Duct tape (any colour)


Piece of cardboard
How to:

1. Lay pieces of Felt together as tight as possible. Use duct tape to secure together at edges. 

2. Turn big sheet over so the front part of the Felt (no tape side) is showing. Make a border of tape around the edges of the big sheet leaving enough tape to secure to the back of the cardboard.

3. Flip the big sheet of Felt upside down again and place cardboard in centre of sheet. Fold the tape over the edges of cardboard.

4. Trim corners to secure the Felt to the edges. Turn over, make adjustments where necessary, flatten the Felt with your hands.

5. Voila! Felt Board done!!

Just like with my workouts and meal prep, DONE is always better than perfect! 🙌


Have you been putting something off doing something on your TO DO list? Let me know! Maybe we can brainstorm ways to get that sh!t done TOGETHER! 👭


Love accountability and taking responsibility to take MASSIVE ACTION? Join one of my accountability groups. The next one starts March 6th!! Message me to reserve your limited spot!


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