I’m a DIY mama. Always have been. 
There’s something about CREATING things that just gives me a HIGH!! 🙌
I’ve been busy making these babies for a certain party in September 👧🏻 and I’m having fun just letting my creativity FLOW.
I’m also an advocate for all genders. I’ve always been that, too. 😉
 We don’t do “boy” colours and “girl” colours in our home. Colours are COLOURS. 🌈 
I know it’s not like this in all homes (and I’m not one to tell ANYONE the right or wrong way to do things and live their lives) but I really believe THIS is something we should all be doing, just like being kind to one another and kind to ourselves.
It’s really important to Eric and I that Narra know that we should all love one another and love ourselves, no matter who we love, what colours we wear or what gender we identify as.

That is why these headbands I’m making aren’t “boy” or “girl” headbands. They are headbands for Narra’s friends. 😊
This is one thing that is so important to talk about with our kids (yes, the earlier, the better!), not just this #prideweek, but ALL weeks of all the year.
What is everyone doing to celebrate Pride?
Let me know if there are some events in the city we should be going to with Narra!


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