Lose Some Back, Gain Some Back

Okay so I’m going to be one of those ladies that shamelessly shows off their HARD WORK.

Because that is what this is: hard work, fun times and strong lady vibes 💪

My problem area (in my mind) has ALWAYS been my back.

Not just the extra padding that hung out there for YEARS no matter what I tried to do to melt it away, but the pain I felt in it after the two rear ender car accidents I was in.

So I’m pretty HAPPY 😆 with the progress I’ve made in the 69 days of this program.

No more back pain or extra back folds. Okay so maybe my backside has more padding to it now, but it is EXACTLY WHERE I WANT IT TO BE. 🍑🍑🍑

If you’re interested in some back pain elimination and BOOTY GAINZ (yup, just called them that too), I’m starting my next 80 Day Challenge on April 23rd!

Send me an email to reserve your spot in my next group.

(Pssst.. there’s $25 off when you sign up for the complete package. Thought I should mention that because I LOVE deals!)



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