Who is Corinne?

Badass Lady. Loving Wife. Funny Mommy. PPA/PPD Survivor. PTSD Warrior. Self-Care Coach.

Self-Care Accountability and Coaching to help you become the BEST version of YOU.

For yourself, not by yourself. ❤️

Hello and Kamusta!
My name is Corinne. I am a wife to a wonderfully amazing partner, a mother to an empathetic and hilariously funny daughter, a pomeranian mommy, a self-care advocate and coach, an education assistant, a mentor and friend.
I am all these things but most of all, I am a woman on a journey. A journey that I am determined to include and EMPOWER as many women as I can.
Postpartum anxiety. Postpartum depression. Intrusive thoughts. OCD. Type II Diabetes. High blood pressure. PTSD.
These are all my labels that I have not let DEFINE ME or HOLD ME BACK. These are my labels that I am sharing to help myself and others MOVE FORWARD.
Join me in overcoming these labels with self-care and using them to strengthen ourselves and change the world.
It’s time to FUEL YOU. Are you ready?
👭 FB: facebook.com/corinne.mallonga.hansen
📷 IG : foryourselffitness
💌 corinneahansen@gmail.com
🌐 foryourselffitness.com
👻 Snapchat: foryourselffit



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