A Song: Mindset Makeover


Every morning I wake up, before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer for the workout I’m about to slay up.

Saturday’s Cardio zoo is done, now it’s time to have some fun.

Monday’s Group is a MINDSET maker, emotional-eating-beating mover and shaker.

No sweat required, that’s extra credit. This program’s here to make you SHED IT!!!


Weight loss isn’t my goal. Except when it’s to try out a new program for my clients whose goals might be EXACTLY that.

Btw, I’ve already lost 3lbs in 2 days and on my PMS week too (seriously never happens)!

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 11.36.33 AM

And as you can see and read, it’s got me in a rhyming mood. Can’t be all that bad, right??!

Want to try but having doubts? Give me shout. We can work it out. 

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

It’s really embarrassing for me to write this. But I have been emotionally GORGING on food all day.

It’s really embarrassing because just the day before I posted about how awesome it is to be home and experience every one of Narra’s frustrations and victories.

But this morning it was just too much. Too too much. Too much crying. Too much pulling. Too much tugging at me. Too much THREE YEAR OLD. And I was just too much TIRED.

And if it weren’t for a friendly neighbour-turned-family who stopped by (thank you June) and gave me a hug and let me feel SAFE enough to just let my tears fall…

If it weren’t for my actual family (thank you Sherri and Oliver) for taking us out on an adventure today so I wouldn’t have to be alone again with Narra’s crying…

If it weren’t for my best friend (looking at you Amie) checking in on me and I on her and just laughing on the phone about husband hilarities for the brief 10 minutes of alone time I got today while Narra watched TV…

If it weren’t for the challengers and friends I got to check in with (Kate, Shley and Jessica) who are in this with me, who are ready, willing and PSYCHED to be coached…

I might’ve just emotionally eaten the WHOLE goshdarn house.

I don’t always know where I’m going. I don’t always know what I’m doing. But for the hour I am doing my workout, the hour I am FORCED for my OWN GOOD to do something for me because of COACHING, for the minutes I check into my groups and post my sweaty selfies, my mind is clear. I am SAFE. I feel LOVED above all else by the person who makes all the SH!T happen: Me.

So today, despite my relapse back into emotional eating, I recognize myself for being a great coach, mother, and WOMAN today. For sharing my imperfections and exhaustions with motherhood and life, for not being afraid to ASK FOR HELP and let myself cry and show my vulnerabilities.

There is a lesson in every moment of chaos and calamity. And the lesson here: It’s okay to not be okay. A shitty day does not make a shitty life. I know this because the sun will come out tomorrow. It always does.

And people ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS are ready to help if you just ask.

So lady, if you’re suffering in silence and you’re waiting for someone to reach out and ask you if you need help, summon up the brave badass ovary power I know you have and REACH OUT. You got this girl.

Help, LOVE and energy is always available to those who ASK.

I’m here for you and I’m ready to help. Just ask.

Parenting is FAILING

Today I feel like I FAILED motherhood.
Because 15 minutes before this photo was taken, I locked Narra in the house while I watched her cry through the sliding glass door I held shut so she couldn’t follow me onto the balcony.
Because I was DONE. Because I needed a break. Because I was tired of explaining why I couldn’t carry her, make a phone call, get lunch ready and talk and look at her all at the same time. Because my every minute of the morning had been dedicated to her so I might have a minute to myself later just to breathe.
So she cried. And I watched her tears fall. And then I felt like shit.
I felt like a shitty mom for not being able to do the ONLY thing this kid wanted from me. Be there.
And then I remembered to cut myself some slack. I was doing MY best.
And then I remembered SHE was doing her best too.
In her tiny Narra ways, she was being the biggest and best version of herself. While I did my best to be mine.
I let the sliding door open. We hugged each other, both apologized and asked if we could try again.
And so we did.
And here we are.
15 minutes later, fed, no longer hangry, surrendered to the Universe and HAPPY.
Sometimes parenting is FAILING. And showing your lovely littles that you can come back from it.



Have you ever failed a test?

Day 72/80 Can you believe I’m NOT where I want to be on this journey? ❌

I woke up today and I could just FEEL something was going to happen. Because I had been putting something off. I was living in FEAR.

My blood sugars had been STELLAR. So much, in fact, that I thought I could stop testing my blood sugars and even put off testing my #a1c (diabetic report card) for 6 months.

I was afraid to check my blood sugars because I was afraid to know if they had gone up.

I got my report card back and for the first time in years, my A1C was out of range. I had failed my test.

It felt like a punch to my gut. I have been eating healthy, working out and doing everything I needed to be doing. Why was this happening?

But our bodies CHANGE. We don’t always know why. And that’s okay.

For a split second there I wanted to blame the test, blame my body, blame MYSELF. Maybe I could have done better. Maybe I could have done more.

But the last thing my body or yours needs is more unhealthy stress on it. Instead, I am choosing to focus on the POSITIVES.

1️⃣ Thank goodness I tested when I did! Now I know there is a problem!

2️⃣ I’m so grateful for the tools I have! Shakeology, my workouts, my eating plan which I can customize to help me reach my goal of a normal A1C again.

3️⃣I’ve reached normal levels before, I can do it AGAIN.

4️⃣ I have a great doctor who supports how I take control of my health.

5️⃣ This is a great opportunity to show others struggling with high blood sugars that they can get theirs under control too!

Now that I’m seeing clearly again, my WHY is front and centre:

I am here to help myself and help others with chronic medical conditions find the tools they need to meet their health goals for themselves but also for their families.

I have seen with my own two eyes what not ignoring the “dirt” or medical problems you have can do to your life and the lives of your family members.

I may have been afraid to see it before, but I’m ready to face it NOW.

It’s time to clean up the house I call MY BODY.

I am READY. Are you?

If you or a family member of yours wants more information on how to be connected to the tools I will be using to get my diabetes back under control, I’m a message away.


Lose Some Back, Gain Some Back

Okay so I’m going to be one of those ladies that shamelessly shows off their HARD WORK.

Because that is what this is: hard work, fun times and strong lady vibes 💪

My problem area (in my mind) has ALWAYS been my back.

Not just the extra padding that hung out there for YEARS no matter what I tried to do to melt it away, but the pain I felt in it after the two rear ender car accidents I was in.

So I’m pretty HAPPY 😆 with the progress I’ve made in the 69 days of this program.

No more back pain or extra back folds. Okay so maybe my backside has more padding to it now, but it is EXACTLY WHERE I WANT IT TO BE. 🍑🍑🍑

If you’re interested in some back pain elimination and BOOTY GAINZ (yup, just called them that too), I’m starting my next 80 Day Challenge on April 23rd!

Send me an email to reserve your spot in my next group.

(Pssst.. there’s $25 off when you sign up for the complete package. Thought I should mention that because I LOVE deals!)


Friendship is Magic

I’ve been watching a lot of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic these days. If you have been watching my IG stories then you know. 😂🦄

But it hasn’t been JUST another cartoon to watch, it has been full of lessons in the MAGIC of friendship not only for a Narra but for ME.

The 6 Elements of Harmony and Friendship:







The show reminds me of so many of my own friendships. Friendships where our DIFFERENCES never get in the way of our love for one another, but only make our friendships even STRONGER.

There are two friends in particular that have become more like FAMILY to me.



Believe it or not, we don’t always agree. But we can see each other’s differences of opinion and lovingly respect and support it. We also aren’t afraid to call each other out in a loving way.

Because of my past friendships that fell apart earlier this year, I admitted to both of them that I was scared of losing them.

But Amie reminded me, “Friends will come and go. But we are not just your friends. We are your family.”

And she is right.

Who else wakes up with you at 5am everyday for 67 days to workout in video chat with you? 😉

You would really have to love someone to do that. You would have to love them like you would FAMILY. 🦋🌟🌷

Thank you to @coachelulu and @amie.chiang for reminding me that no matter WHAT happens, I will get through it, I am loved, I am strong and I will never be alone.

Team Unity is STRONG and getting STRONGER.

The best is yet to come for us and for YOU.

I invite you to join us to start your fitness journey, find FRIENDSHIP so that one day we might call each other FAMILY.


Are you following me on IG? Make sure to add me:


See you there!

I’m a Survivor

Why are you STILL doing this?

I’ve had people I love ask me. Heck, I’ve even asked myself.

I think most of my friends and family thought I’d stick with this diet and exercise thing for a month or two, never mind 3 years.

I never looked for coaching. Coaching found me.

I just wanted to TRY being a better me. A better mom. A mom who wanted to get strong again to be able to go back to work as a special education assistant and then realize I needed to be at home with my daughter. Coaching gave me that opportunity to be at home. I never asked for it but it gave that to me.

I also never intended to reverse my diabetes. That happened “by accident” too. I just kept going with my new lifestyle and I was surprised again.

I also never thought I needed more friends. But I received those too. BEST ONES even. A bestest best one, too.

Healing is something I never knew coaching could give me but it presented me with that gift.

Healing from my back and knee pain from my two car accidents. Healing from my anxiety and depression. Healing my relationships with my family and giving me communication skills to resolve even the heaviest conversations in my marriage.

But the BEST and most UNEXPECTED surprise it has given me to date: the strength, power and healing to overcome my childhood sexual abuse. Especially when issues resurfaced after becoming a mom. Coaching gave me the courage to reach out for help and finally conquer it once and for all.

So yes, I’m STILL doing this. And you know what, I ALWAYS WILL.

Because coaching has been more than pounds and inches lost or muscle and definition gained.

It has given me my LIFE back 10 times over in so many more ways than I have shared before but am ready to share NOW.

Remember, these things have a way of finding YOU. It’s both exciting and scary to know you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

Do you know if YOU are?

If you’re not so sure, I’d love a chance to show you how I found mine. ❤️