YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset

I have always known I wanted Narra to have a better relationship with food than I did as a child.

With the help of the new nutrition program I’m using, I’ve really had to check myself and see if anything I was saying or doing right now that was something I’d want HER to do or say about food.

So now….

instead of saying something is a cheat, it’s a TREAT!

instead of having to drink water, we GET TO drink water!

instead of having treats to cheer us up when we are sad, we have special treats to help us CELEBRATE the good times we are already having!

YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset.

What mindsets around food are you living that you want your kids to carry on? What isn’t working that you’d like help changing?



You Are a Storyteller

I am a storyteller.

I’ve always been called to tell stories that once upon a time after high school, I majored in creative writing to hone my skills in University.

I would struggle to write poetry, I would struggle to write in Filipino, I would struggle to find the words to make that A- on papers I couldn’t care less about for a future I was convinced had to be mine because everyone else around me had those goals.

Deep down inside, I knew better. I knew I was meant for MORE. More than the grades, and the glory of graduating from University.

I should have known when that assignment came to me, that assignment to write a reflection paper from a significant experience of my past, and the way it just unfolded from my heart with tears and light and love and darkness. Everything. I should have known the stories I was meant to tell were MINE because of how moved I felt when I wrote one of the most difficult stories of my life.

It was the story of the abuse I had experienced as a child. The story of how my innocence was taken from me and how it had changed my life and my family’s. But it was written in the third person.

It flowed and it was out there. But it was unresolved. I didn’t even have the courage to outright say it was me in the story. It was me. I was the 5 year old girl who danced and played with cousins while they were there but who was taken advantage of when she had no friends and was just looking for someone to play with.

Time went on, life went on and little did I know how much those 6 months of abuse would contribute to the person I am today. To the goals I would then have for my life, for my vision of family that would drive me to share my demons and USE THEM as stories to say: YES. You can do what I do too.

My stories, YOUR stories, they are always changing. Because this life is not OVER. If you are here, there is still a chance to turn it all around. There is still a shining light of HOPE and POWER that I hope you know you can step into at anytime.

It is YOURS. But you have to BELIEVE and you have to SURRENDER.

This is what coaching has done for me. This miraculous gift of healing not just physically from my diabetes and high blood pressure, but mentally from my anxiety and depression. And now this gift.. the gift of spiritual healing of my soul. From the stories that have broken many, but instead coaching has given me the platform to share it and USE it for good.

It’s a gift I want to give to as many as I can.

I’m looking for 3 women to personally mentor as coach on my team. To USE their stories for good, to help them start with LOVE for themselves so they can love others, and to feel so freaking aligned doing what they do so that the abundance they crave rolls out of them as effortlessly as that paper came from me.

If this speaks to you, if you feel you and I are connected, I need you to reach out and message me or drop a 🙏 in the comments below.

I know you’ve been waiting for something. This is it.

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies

The weather has been GETTING TO ME!! 😅

As much as I LOVE fall, the transition of weather has me all sorts of confuzzled (is that a word?? Now it is!). Season Affective Disorder (SAD) is alive and well! But I’m refusing to make it part of my story.

I choose to see love instead of this.

Narra and I managed to make it out to Strongstart (a FREE parent participation preschool program) despite the rain this morning. I was all sorts of proud of our determination to get our bodies moving. We played in the gym, had story time and then got crafty AF and made these cool Halloween crafts 🎃

Narra, who doesn’t typically enjoy “arts and craps” liked these ones! Bonus Points because I didn’t have to prep or clean up the art table 🙌😆

After lunch and TV, Narra and I decided we should do some baking. I looked to my trusted favourite recipe blog for inspiration and found the recipe for these HEALTHY PUMPKIN COOKIES!

Narra was stoked she got to crack an egg and then volunteered happily to put the pecans on top. Such a good fine motor and eye-hand coordination activity!

Omg, they are BOMB!! And the best of all, a serving is TWO COOKIES!!!

None of that ONE cookie BS. Lol.

I’m feeling pretty proud today AND accomplished.

When you have anxiety, big outings and projects like this can be hard to start and FINISH.

So I’m feeling accomplished!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention… I also feel awesome because I got to workout!!! 😍

Major modifications because of the ankle soreness but it’s DONE!! ✅


Proof that you can have anxiety and get Sh!T donnne!!!!

It’s time for me to get dinner started (anyone else having Taco Tuesday today??) but before I sign off, I just want to invite EVERYONE to my next online accountability group!!

It’s all about the FAMILY!!!

Register for the group by RSVPing Going to the Fit for Fall Family Challenge Facebook event and I will set you up with everything you need to get started!!!

We’ll be keeping each other accountable for our physical and mental health while making some tasty treats like these pumpkin cookies!!! 😍 Fun for the whole family!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

The Gains

I’ve been 165lbs many times in my life.

A 165 that was single and starving.

A 165 that was married and idle.

A 165 that was pregnant and stressed.

A 165 that was postpartum and confused like the picture on the left.

A 165 that was gorging on munchies to avoid facing the pain of struggle.

But I think I like the 165 on the right. THIS 165 is my favourite. ❤️

It’s physically strong and mentally resilient.

It carries flats of groceries from Costco and a 30 pound backpack and toddler with ease. It handles career changes and difficult life transitions, not always with ease but with definite PASSION and PERSISTENCE.

It can handle anything that comes it’s way.

I love this 165 for all it is and all that it will be but what I love MOST about this 165 is that it doesn’t CARE what number it is.

It doesn’t let it’s number DEFINE it.

It’s a body. A body that is FINALLY loved for every stretch mark and muscle, extra skin and healthy imperfection it has.

It’s a model of self-love and #selfcare that is focused on GAINING skills to better itself and EMPOWER OTHERS to do the SAME.

My next accountability group starts on October 30th and I want to help as many women work on GAINING everything I have on this journey and what I continue to gain.

Send me an email with the subject GAINS to reserve a limited spot in the group. 💕 Let’s make it about the GAINS together!

Strength through SUPPORT

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” -Brenè Brown

You know when you find a quote that jumps at you, one that just STICKS? And then you find yourself finding it over and over and over again?

It’s everywhere you look. It’s in your books, it’s on the TV, it’s in the songs you listen to and the cover of the magazine in line to checkout of the drugstore. It’s even in the Paw Patrol colouring book your kid was throwing around the room earlier that day.

You see it and then you don’t. Or maybe you do but you’re not ready to receive the message.

But then you open your eyes again and then you DO. You’re ready and willing and able to RECEIVE.

I tell everyone that they don’t have to go at it alone. That it’s okay to need help. And in the beginning, when I was a new mom, I RELUCTANTLY allowed myself to need help. It felt unnatural and quite frankly, I felt WEAK.

It was ME. I was always the one who helped others. I was the one who solved everyone’s problems. So seeking help wasn’t in my MO. The truth is, I really didn’t understand HOW to do it and not feel worthless.

And then I became a Coach. And I felt AMAZING for a long time. But somehow along the way, I decided because I was now a Coach, it meant I was EXEMPT from asking for help.

When in reality, the Coaching philosophy implores you to seek out SOLUTIONS, to LEARN and GROW. It reminds you EVERYDAY to make mistakes and that it’s OK to not know everything. It reminds you to LEAN ON OTHERS when you don’t know the answers.

Our Team’s mission, MY mission, has always been to find STRENGTH through SELF-CARE and.. SUPPORT.

Support. The biggest piece of the puzzle here. The one that connects self-care to me and YOU. Support makes it possible for us to KEEP GOING. It’s what helps us see we aren’t alone in our everyday struggle or our successes. It’s the supportive and loving voices who tell you that you ARE your best self today, even if all you did today was show up and breathe.

It’s the cheers you get for non-scale victories like fitting into that pair of jeans you’ve kept from high school or non-fitness related activities like cleaning out the clothing you no longer need or want.

It’s what gives us a purpose greater than ourselves and our family. It’s UNCONDITIONAL love and support from a COMMUNITY. One that I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.

One that, even though I find myself a LEADER of, one that I am realizing I don’t always need to solve problems for.

Sometimes just being there is ENOUGH. Sometimes being a part of the group and giving what you can, just so others aren’t alone, just so YOU aren’t alone, is enough to make a world of difference.

The jig is up. 😉 I don’t know all the answers. So I can’t give them to you. I am sometimes weak and I am also many kind of imperfect.

But I do have one thing I am sure of…

And that’s that I will be there beside you when you reach out for help. I won’t have all the answers nor will I be there to solve all your problems. It won’t serve you or I.

Instead, I will empower you to find what you NEED. I will coach you to see that you are WORTHY of what you want. I will be there to connect you to the tools that I find are working for me and so many others with our physical and mental health, that they might help you too.

And I WILL be there to tell you that you will kick all sorts of ass in this lifetime and the next.

Because you are STRONG.

Strong enough to reach out for support. And strong enough to TAKE IT.

Credit: Reannan Ross Photography<


Please reach out:

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

I love adventure. ❤️.

But for the last 2 days I had been TERRIFIED of leaving the house. Of taking Narra outside to play on her bike. Of going to the store to buy food.


It’s totally not me. I love going to places and taking Narra to learn new things. And being out of the house is something I do without hesitation.


But anxiety does that to you. It can turn you into someone you don’t know or recognize. And it can be scary to say the least. To feel like you’re losing who you are, to feel like you’re turning into a person so far from your truth.


Yesterday, I took my own advice.


1. Take the help. Ask for help.

2. Do the thing that scares you most.


With help from my neighbours, who have become more like family, I was able to get out of the house with Narra yesterday and pick blackberries. They also took Narra for an hour so I could get dinner made and spend some one on one time with Eric.


With the help from one of my friends, a fellow life-changer coach on our team, I made it to the PNE last night for a Ladies Night Out! and even went on a couple of rides that would usually scare me.


I’m so grateful right now.


For coaching, which has instilled in me this attitude to take massive action and show myself that I can change my current situation, but also for the many people in my life who support me and give me the courage to DO and be okay with not being okay all the time.


Do you have advice for your “off” days? What do you tell yourself or those you love when they’re not feeling okay?


Let’s support each other. ❤️




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My Past

3 Things You didn’t know about Me:.

1️⃣ I am a high school drop out.

2️⃣ I am a university drop out.

3️⃣ I have been ashamed of it for far too long.


It wasn’t until I started coaching that I began to share my story. I started with the fact that I had postpartum anxiety. And when that became comfortable and I realized people weren’t running for the hills away from me and instead I was actually INSPIRING people with it, I let you all in on the secret that I actually suffered from depression as a teenager.


What I didn’t tell you is that during that time, I actually dropped out of school. From age 13-17, I didn’t go to school. I didn’t even really have friends. I didn’t leave my house. I went through a MAJOR depressive episode back then that everyone I knew didn’t think I would make it through. Somehow I did. And at 18 years old, 2 years after the class I was supposed to be with, I graduated from high school with honours. I was proud but I was also ashamed. I kept telling myself I SHOULD’VE graduated with my friends. 


But my dropping out didn’t stop there. After high school, I got into a really good university in the Philippines. I loved the writing classes, but then I didn’t love anything else. I never knew what was wrong with me. I should’ve been happy!! People were dying and crying to be admitted into that school! I loved learning the things I wanted to learn about, but I always HATED school. I was good at it, but I never liked it.


But everyone around me told me it was the only way to get a job, to be happy, to be SUCCESSFUL and proud of myself.


And so I kept going to school. And I kept quitting. I kept listening to everyone else except for MYSELF. I kept trying to keep everyone else happy but never thought about what made ME happy.


I moved back to Canada and I finally found something I wanted to do: Teach children. But I also didn’t like going to school. So I finished my Special education Assistant certificate because it was a shorter program, always thinking that I would go back and become a teacher. Because you know, finishing a 4 year program is the only way to be successful and be assured of a job when you graduate. 😉


Then something happened. I finally put my foot down and said, “Corinne, you can make everyone happy around you and make yourself sick with worry trying to please everyone or you can say, that YOU are worth living your life for. It’s your life and YOU should be happy in it.”


It was a hard decision for me to make, to quit school permanently. For a long time, I thought I had made a huge mistake. But I have to tell you, I have been the HAPPIEST I have ever been since ridding it from my life. I have made space for the things I love to do, and I’m actually making a LIVING out of it. 


I’m not against school for anyone! In fact, I think that you should definitely have post secondary education if your goal in life is achieved through it.


But I know it wasn’t for me. 


I’m glad I listened to my gut and QUIT being unhappy. Because that space that I created by ridding school from my plate was then filled by something I found to be my passion.


Helping other women get healthy and happy for themselves and their families.


I’m grateful I don’t need a degree in it. All I need is hard work, DRIVE and the heart to want to help people.


That’s what coaching is. It is an opportunity to do what you’re passionate about, be healthy, be happy and INSPIRE others to do the same.


I’m no longer ashamed of my past, in fact, I’m pretty proud of it.


“High school and university drop out inspires her community and THE WORLD to work on their self-care.”


I kind of love the ring to it. 😉


Don’t be afraid of your PAST. It is there for a reason.


If you have a PAST, use it to help others to be their best selves. ❤️ And please share it with me. I’d love to know YOUR story.