YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset

I have always known I wanted Narra to have a better relationship with food than I did as a child.

With the help of the new nutrition program I’m using, I’ve really had to check myself and see if anything I was saying or doing right now that was something I’d want HER to do or say about food.

So now….

instead of saying something is a cheat, it’s a TREAT!

instead of having to drink water, we GET TO drink water!

instead of having treats to cheer us up when we are sad, we have special treats to help us CELEBRATE the good times we are already having!

YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset.

What mindsets around food are you living that you want your kids to carry on? What isn’t working that you’d like help changing?



It’s Okay to Ask for Help

It’s really embarrassing for me to write this. But I have been emotionally GORGING on food all day.

It’s really embarrassing because just the day before I posted about how awesome it is to be home and experience every one of Narra’s frustrations and victories.

But this morning it was just too much. Too too much. Too much crying. Too much pulling. Too much tugging at me. Too much THREE YEAR OLD. And I was just too much TIRED.

And if it weren’t for a friendly neighbour-turned-family who stopped by (thank you June) and gave me a hug and let me feel SAFE enough to just let my tears fall…

If it weren’t for my actual family (thank you Sherri and Oliver) for taking us out on an adventure today so I wouldn’t have to be alone again with Narra’s crying…

If it weren’t for my best friend (looking at you Amie) checking in on me and I on her and just laughing on the phone about husband hilarities for the brief 10 minutes of alone time I got today while Narra watched TV…

If it weren’t for the challengers and friends I got to check in with (Kate, Shley and Jessica) who are in this with me, who are ready, willing and PSYCHED to be coached…

I might’ve just emotionally eaten the WHOLE goshdarn house.

I don’t always know where I’m going. I don’t always know what I’m doing. But for the hour I am doing my workout, the hour I am FORCED for my OWN GOOD to do something for me because of COACHING, for the minutes I check into my groups and post my sweaty selfies, my mind is clear. I am SAFE. I feel LOVED above all else by the person who makes all the SH!T happen: Me.

So today, despite my relapse back into emotional eating, I recognize myself for being a great coach, mother, and WOMAN today. For sharing my imperfections and exhaustions with motherhood and life, for not being afraid to ASK FOR HELP and let myself cry and show my vulnerabilities.

There is a lesson in every moment of chaos and calamity. And the lesson here: It’s okay to not be okay. A shitty day does not make a shitty life. I know this because the sun will come out tomorrow. It always does.

And people ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS are ready to help if you just ask.

So lady, if you’re suffering in silence and you’re waiting for someone to reach out and ask you if you need help, summon up the brave badass ovary power I know you have and REACH OUT. You got this girl.

Help, LOVE and energy is always available to those who ASK.

I’m here for you and I’m ready to help. Just ask.

The Gains

I’ve been 165lbs many times in my life.

A 165 that was single and starving.

A 165 that was married and idle.

A 165 that was pregnant and stressed.

A 165 that was postpartum and confused like the picture on the left.

A 165 that was gorging on munchies to avoid facing the pain of struggle.

But I think I like the 165 on the right. THIS 165 is my favourite. ❤️

It’s physically strong and mentally resilient.

It carries flats of groceries from Costco and a 30 pound backpack and toddler with ease. It handles career changes and difficult life transitions, not always with ease but with definite PASSION and PERSISTENCE.

It can handle anything that comes it’s way.

I love this 165 for all it is and all that it will be but what I love MOST about this 165 is that it doesn’t CARE what number it is.

It doesn’t let it’s number DEFINE it.

It’s a body. A body that is FINALLY loved for every stretch mark and muscle, extra skin and healthy imperfection it has.

It’s a model of self-love and #selfcare that is focused on GAINING skills to better itself and EMPOWER OTHERS to do the SAME.

My next accountability group starts on October 30th and I want to help as many women work on GAINING everything I have on this journey and what I continue to gain.

Send me an email with the subject GAINS to reserve a limited spot in the group. 💕 Let’s make it about the GAINS together!

Strength through SUPPORT

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” -Brenè Brown

You know when you find a quote that jumps at you, one that just STICKS? And then you find yourself finding it over and over and over again?

It’s everywhere you look. It’s in your books, it’s on the TV, it’s in the songs you listen to and the cover of the magazine in line to checkout of the drugstore. It’s even in the Paw Patrol colouring book your kid was throwing around the room earlier that day.

You see it and then you don’t. Or maybe you do but you’re not ready to receive the message.

But then you open your eyes again and then you DO. You’re ready and willing and able to RECEIVE.

I tell everyone that they don’t have to go at it alone. That it’s okay to need help. And in the beginning, when I was a new mom, I RELUCTANTLY allowed myself to need help. It felt unnatural and quite frankly, I felt WEAK.

It was ME. I was always the one who helped others. I was the one who solved everyone’s problems. So seeking help wasn’t in my MO. The truth is, I really didn’t understand HOW to do it and not feel worthless.

And then I became a Coach. And I felt AMAZING for a long time. But somehow along the way, I decided because I was now a Coach, it meant I was EXEMPT from asking for help.

When in reality, the Coaching philosophy implores you to seek out SOLUTIONS, to LEARN and GROW. It reminds you EVERYDAY to make mistakes and that it’s OK to not know everything. It reminds you to LEAN ON OTHERS when you don’t know the answers.

Our Team’s mission, MY mission, has always been to find STRENGTH through SELF-CARE and.. SUPPORT.

Support. The biggest piece of the puzzle here. The one that connects self-care to me and YOU. Support makes it possible for us to KEEP GOING. It’s what helps us see we aren’t alone in our everyday struggle or our successes. It’s the supportive and loving voices who tell you that you ARE your best self today, even if all you did today was show up and breathe.

It’s the cheers you get for non-scale victories like fitting into that pair of jeans you’ve kept from high school or non-fitness related activities like cleaning out the clothing you no longer need or want.

It’s what gives us a purpose greater than ourselves and our family. It’s UNCONDITIONAL love and support from a COMMUNITY. One that I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.

One that, even though I find myself a LEADER of, one that I am realizing I don’t always need to solve problems for.

Sometimes just being there is ENOUGH. Sometimes being a part of the group and giving what you can, just so others aren’t alone, just so YOU aren’t alone, is enough to make a world of difference.

The jig is up. 😉 I don’t know all the answers. So I can’t give them to you. I am sometimes weak and I am also many kind of imperfect.

But I do have one thing I am sure of…

And that’s that I will be there beside you when you reach out for help. I won’t have all the answers nor will I be there to solve all your problems. It won’t serve you or I.

Instead, I will empower you to find what you NEED. I will coach you to see that you are WORTHY of what you want. I will be there to connect you to the tools that I find are working for me and so many others with our physical and mental health, that they might help you too.

And I WILL be there to tell you that you will kick all sorts of ass in this lifetime and the next.

Because you are STRONG.

Strong enough to reach out for support. And strong enough to TAKE IT.

Credit: Reannan Ross Photography<


Please reach out:

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

I love adventure. ❤️.

But for the last 2 days I had been TERRIFIED of leaving the house. Of taking Narra outside to play on her bike. Of going to the store to buy food.


It’s totally not me. I love going to places and taking Narra to learn new things. And being out of the house is something I do without hesitation.


But anxiety does that to you. It can turn you into someone you don’t know or recognize. And it can be scary to say the least. To feel like you’re losing who you are, to feel like you’re turning into a person so far from your truth.


Yesterday, I took my own advice.


1. Take the help. Ask for help.

2. Do the thing that scares you most.


With help from my neighbours, who have become more like family, I was able to get out of the house with Narra yesterday and pick blackberries. They also took Narra for an hour so I could get dinner made and spend some one on one time with Eric.


With the help from one of my friends, a fellow life-changer coach on our team, I made it to the PNE last night for a Ladies Night Out! and even went on a couple of rides that would usually scare me.


I’m so grateful right now.


For coaching, which has instilled in me this attitude to take massive action and show myself that I can change my current situation, but also for the many people in my life who support me and give me the courage to DO and be okay with not being okay all the time.


Do you have advice for your “off” days? What do you tell yourself or those you love when they’re not feeling okay?


Let’s support each other. ❤️




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Yellow is for Hello.

I was online earlier today looking for a yellow bench to sit on, you know, those yellow benches around the city that were installed to promote mental health awareness. 💛 But I realized I don’t need a yellow bench to snap a picture and share from. I can do it right here. Right now.

May is Mental Health awareness month and in honour of that, you may be seeing yellow signs around the city reminding you that mental health matters. Because it does.


As most of you know, when Narra was 2 months old, I had my very first full-on panic attack. I was so debilitated with anxiety and fear that I was dying that I hardly know how I was able to call 911 to come help me with Narra who was screaming wildly in her crib. I couldn’t hold her. I couldn’t touch her. All I could think about was how I could hurt her. And even scarier, how I could hurt myself.


I didn’t want ANYONE to know. I loved Narra so much but who in there right mind would allow a mother with those thoughts to keep her baby? So I hid it. I hid it until I could no more. Until it came out in daily anxiety attacks, weekly panic attacks and resulted in me not being able to eat or sleep for days three days straight.


After my visit to the hospital, after being reassured that no one would take my baby, I agreed to take medication. I’m glad I did. But the guilt remained.


The guilt that I just couldn’t hack it as a mom. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was meant for this. I knew in my soul, and that from a very young age, I would be a mom. It was my calling.


So I lived with this guilt for months after my medication kicked in. Although medicine helped IMMENSELY in getting my thoughts and body well enough to function so that I could finally eat, sleep and take care of myself and then our newborn daughter, it wasn’t enough. In the words of my psychiatrist, “Medication is not the end-all, be-all of mental health. You need something MORE to help it along.”


Enter SELF-CARE into my life. I knew nothing about it other than the fact that I had to take care of myself. That I needed Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Time for Myself and Support. But I laughed, and then I was annoyed. Because how in God’s name was I supposed to fit all that in AND do my wife, mother, special education assistant, friend, daughter and ME duties. How would I fit it all in?


I knew I needed help. So I reached out. I hated asking for help. I thought it made me look weak. Out of desperation, and against all preconceived ideas and misjudgements of “health shakes” and “Beach bodies”, I jumped in to getting better. I jumped in to an online accountability group. I just knew I had to get better. I knew I didn’t want to have to increase my medication I was taking and risk complications from upping my dose.


What I learned and came away with from my first group was beyond anything I ever imagined from an at-home program. I think I lost maybe 2lbs my first challenge, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was the fact that I felt STRONG. I was happier than I had ever been in months. I made new friends that I never thought I could make this late into adulthood. I was full of energy thanks to the proper nutrition I was getting and best of all, I could take care of myself and my family again.


The weekly panic attacks? Gone. Daily anxiety attacks? They moved on. My intrusive thoughts that I thought would plague me forever? I’ve learned how to manage them and keep them at bay. I know now, there is nothing I can’t do.


Since my first group, I have lost a total of 15lbs, been able to get my blood sugars into normal typical levels, avoided future hospital stays, and managed my postpartum anxiety and depression. I did it. I went from surviving to thriving. All in the short span of a month.


Because of the level of this inner and outer transformation, I KNEW I had to share this with others. I knew that couldn’t stay silent about my mental health any longer, nor could I stay silent about how I OVERCAME it all. This is why I tell my story.


Today, I fight stigma with stigma. I fight it through my writing on topics others would rather not talk about like intrusive thoughts and spirals of depression. I fight it through posting pictures of my fitness journey that others might rather not see, like me in my underwear PROUDLY showing off my c-section scar. I fight the stigma against mental health by continuing to talk about it on a daily basis because the more we talk, the more “normal” it will be. And the more “normal” it is, new moms like me wouldn’t have to think they are less of a person for getting that help. The more “normal” it is, more individuals (women and men) won’t be afraid of taking that medication to help with those intrusive thoughts. 

Because if I can help just ONE person like me. One person who is ready to finally get that help they need to care for themselves and make their mental health something THEY can manage, and isn’t managing them, the fight is worth it.


I am worth it. You are worth it.


Need help starting with self-care? I’d love to help. 



Don’t put off taking care of YOU. You matter too much. 


Your mental health MATTERS.

My name is Corinne and I am Filipino-Canadian.

Privilege. A tough word to swallow for some. It makes people who have it a little uncomfortable, myself included..

I am #canadian because I was born here in beautiful #britishcolumbia. My dad and mom immigrated here from the #philippines when my older brother was one year old, and I was but a glimmer in my mom’s eye. 😉


My mom often tells me stories of how it was to adjust to living here in Canada. For one thing, she arrived in Canada on HALLOWEEN, a holiday they didn’t have in the Philippines at that time. 😝 So you can imagine her shock when kids dressed as monsters arrived at her door demanding candy. 


But it wasn’t all fun and funny though. She also told me of how lonely and scary it was coming to a new country with no community, none of her family and being a new mom taking care of my older brother on her own. My dad worked early mornings and late evenings, doing whatever job he could find because that was what he needed to do to support his family, so my mom was often alone at home. And this was a time before Internet and phones so no mommy Facebook groups to keep her company. 😕


It wasn’t until I became a mom myself that I understood exactly what this meant. A husband working long hours, being alone in a new country and feeling disconnected from your community. 


Even though I have had struggles with postpartum anxiety and depression with intrusive thoughts as a new mom, I feel very fortunate that I didn’t have to navigate all my mental health obstacles plus new parenthood in a country that was foreign to me. 


My parents got through it (because they are major bad-asses who get sh!t done 😉) but I do realize that because of their decisions and determination to push forward no matter how hard moving to a new country and starting over is, I am #privileged.


Now before, this would’ve made me feel so uncomfortable that I would shut down, feel hurt and think “How could you think I was privileged??” and stop talking to the person who suggested such a thing. But today, I know that having privilege isn’t something to feel bad about.


I realize that being a Filipino-Canadian puts me in a unique position to be able to be heard in both communities. It also means I get to bridge gaps between cultures and help people understand each other better because I have that awareness of all ways of living.


I am proud of both my citizenship and my cultural heritage and it that way, I feel extremely privileged and happy that I get to make a difference in so many lives. Including being able to connect people with services in their community that they may not know about!


For #newimmigrants in #vancouver, be sure to look up The Multicultural Helping House Society, a non-profit organization started by a Filipino to help get you settled. ❤ 


For more information, send them a message on their Facebook Page or visit their website at