Hi, I’m Corinne and I’m a Stay-at-Home Aligner 🙏

Conversation with a cute daycare kid today:

Kid: “So how come you are at home with Narra? Don’t you work?”

Me: “I do. I just get to work at home and be with Narra at the same time.”

Kid:”So you stay home?”

Me: *smiling* “Yes, I do.”

Different moms have different jobs. If we are blessed and are willing to do the scary AF things that align with our purpose, we get to do the things that fill us up with love and our bank accounts with money.

What fills ME up?

Coaching women to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually first so they can be the most aligned version of themselves and teach their family how to do it too.

That, and spending all the time I can with my hunky husband and my boob-loving daughter 🤣 (zoom in to see the boob grab).

What fills YOU up?

Are you doing it already or do you need help getting there?

If you do, HELP is what I provide. 🙏 Send me a message and let’s get you doing the thing that makes you FULL. ❤️🌸✨

🌸 corinneahansen@gmail.com