YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset

I have always known I wanted Narra to have a better relationship with food than I did as a child.

With the help of the new nutrition program I’m using, I’ve really had to check myself and see if anything I was saying or doing right now that was something I’d want HER to do or say about food.

So now….

instead of saying something is a cheat, it’s a TREAT!

instead of having to drink water, we GET TO drink water!

instead of having treats to cheer us up when we are sad, we have special treats to help us CELEBRATE the good times we are already having!

YOUR mindset becomes THEIR mindset.

What mindsets around food are you living that you want your kids to carry on? What isn’t working that you’d like help changing?



You Are a Storyteller

I am a storyteller.

I’ve always been called to tell stories that once upon a time after high school, I majored in creative writing to hone my skills in University.

I would struggle to write poetry, I would struggle to write in Filipino, I would struggle to find the words to make that A- on papers I couldn’t care less about for a future I was convinced had to be mine because everyone else around me had those goals.

Deep down inside, I knew better. I knew I was meant for MORE. More than the grades, and the glory of graduating from University.

I should have known when that assignment came to me, that assignment to write a reflection paper from a significant experience of my past, and the way it just unfolded from my heart with tears and light and love and darkness. Everything. I should have known the stories I was meant to tell were MINE because of how moved I felt when I wrote one of the most difficult stories of my life.

It was the story of the abuse I had experienced as a child. The story of how my innocence was taken from me and how it had changed my life and my family’s. But it was written in the third person.

It flowed and it was out there. But it was unresolved. I didn’t even have the courage to outright say it was me in the story. It was me. I was the 5 year old girl who danced and played with cousins while they were there but who was taken advantage of when she had no friends and was just looking for someone to play with.

Time went on, life went on and little did I know how much those 6 months of abuse would contribute to the person I am today. To the goals I would then have for my life, for my vision of family that would drive me to share my demons and USE THEM as stories to say: YES. You can do what I do too.

My stories, YOUR stories, they are always changing. Because this life is not OVER. If you are here, there is still a chance to turn it all around. There is still a shining light of HOPE and POWER that I hope you know you can step into at anytime.

It is YOURS. But you have to BELIEVE and you have to SURRENDER.

This is what coaching has done for me. This miraculous gift of healing not just physically from my diabetes and high blood pressure, but mentally from my anxiety and depression. And now this gift.. the gift of spiritual healing of my soul. From the stories that have broken many, but instead coaching has given me the platform to share it and USE it for good.

It’s a gift I want to give to as many as I can.

I’m looking for 3 women to personally mentor as coach on my team. To USE their stories for good, to help them start with LOVE for themselves so they can love others, and to feel so freaking aligned doing what they do so that the abundance they crave rolls out of them as effortlessly as that paper came from me.

If this speaks to you, if you feel you and I are connected, I need you to reach out and message me or drop a 🙏 in the comments below.

I know you’ve been waiting for something. This is it.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

It’s really embarrassing for me to write this. But I have been emotionally GORGING on food all day.

It’s really embarrassing because just the day before I posted about how awesome it is to be home and experience every one of Narra’s frustrations and victories.

But this morning it was just too much. Too too much. Too much crying. Too much pulling. Too much tugging at me. Too much THREE YEAR OLD. And I was just too much TIRED.

And if it weren’t for a friendly neighbour-turned-family who stopped by (thank you June) and gave me a hug and let me feel SAFE enough to just let my tears fall…

If it weren’t for my actual family (thank you Sherri and Oliver) for taking us out on an adventure today so I wouldn’t have to be alone again with Narra’s crying…

If it weren’t for my best friend (looking at you Amie) checking in on me and I on her and just laughing on the phone about husband hilarities for the brief 10 minutes of alone time I got today while Narra watched TV…

If it weren’t for the challengers and friends I got to check in with (Kate, Shley and Jessica) who are in this with me, who are ready, willing and PSYCHED to be coached…

I might’ve just emotionally eaten the WHOLE goshdarn house.

I don’t always know where I’m going. I don’t always know what I’m doing. But for the hour I am doing my workout, the hour I am FORCED for my OWN GOOD to do something for me because of COACHING, for the minutes I check into my groups and post my sweaty selfies, my mind is clear. I am SAFE. I feel LOVED above all else by the person who makes all the SH!T happen: Me.

So today, despite my relapse back into emotional eating, I recognize myself for being a great coach, mother, and WOMAN today. For sharing my imperfections and exhaustions with motherhood and life, for not being afraid to ASK FOR HELP and let myself cry and show my vulnerabilities.

There is a lesson in every moment of chaos and calamity. And the lesson here: It’s okay to not be okay. A shitty day does not make a shitty life. I know this because the sun will come out tomorrow. It always does.

And people ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS are ready to help if you just ask.

So lady, if you’re suffering in silence and you’re waiting for someone to reach out and ask you if you need help, summon up the brave badass ovary power I know you have and REACH OUT. You got this girl.

Help, LOVE and energy is always available to those who ASK.

I’m here for you and I’m ready to help. Just ask.

Of Mothers and Daughters

There are many things I have yet to share about myself with you all. I have a major story to tell..

I strive to be open and honest because really, I don’t see any other way to live. But once in a while, despite persistent jabs from my strong gut feelings to share some parts of my story I would rather keep hidden, I know that deep down, sharing my story and connecting with others is the right thing to do. Because in my past life’s troubles lies a lesson and a story that others may relate to, that they might be able to see themselves in and know that a tough time won’t last forever.


It’s not normally a topic I bring up, but when I moved out of my parents home, I left without saying goodbye. We hadn’t always had a great relationship. We fought. A LOT. So much that at times, our conversations became unbearable. So unbearable that I just knew I had to leave. And the way I felt I needed to leave was without a goodbye or a note or anything. The way I left was without talking to my mom for months.


I felt ashamed for many years for doing that to my parents because I knew I had hurt them. And badly, too. 


I was also really angry and overcome with grief for the way our relationship evolved, and not for the better, that I just decided to squash those feelings down and not talk about it.


If you’re a feeling-squasher like me, you know this is not a good idea. It comes out in other ways. In other places you never thought they would come out.


For me, this has come out in raising my own daughter. I will be honest and say that one of my anxieties THIS EARLY in life is that Narra will leave me the way I left my parents. And this scares me. Because even though I know that one day she will eventually leave when she is an adult, I don’t want her and I to ever fight the way my mom and I did and leave the house the way I did either.


One of my vital behaviours as an accountability coach is to work out my mind everyday, as well as my body. Feed it with the proper fuel, just like I feed my body with nutritious food. It is called personal development. It is something I would’ve never done if I hadn’t become a coach.


My personal development has taught me that in order to move on and move forward with my life and be free of my past, I need to un-squash my feelings.


I need to destroy my anger. Surrender to my grief. Unpack all my feelings and celebrate how far I have come. 


I need to realize that my relationship with my own mom has come along way. That we made it through our bad times and that we can make it through more because we are family and despite what happens, I love her and she loves me. Nothing will change that.


I need to realize that my relationship with Narra is a new one and that the past does NOT define the future. We have a new story to write. I have realized that my anxiety for future, is stealing my joy of the present. That it is preventing me from enjoying the little things that turn out to be the BIG things in life.


Like this moment here. Three generations of women, passed out and on a sofa bed after a trip to Value Village. 


These are the BIG things, the big moments in life. And I’m ready for more of them. 😊